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    There is a big Italian Diaspora living all over the world many have migrated 100s of years back and some have not even an idea what happened why were they born in foreign country although having Italian parents.

    United states possibly have the largest number of citizens having Italian descent they are known as Italian Americans The American Italians mainly live in Northeastern and urban industrial Midwestern metropolitan areas,

    About 5.5 million Italians migrated to America between 1820 to 2004. In 1870, there were about 25,000 Italian immigrants in America, many of them Northern Italian refugees from the wars that accompanied the Risorgimento—the struggle for Italian unification and independence from foreign rule which ended in 1871.

    Immigration began to increase during the 1870s, when more than twice as many Italians immigrated (1870–79: 46,296)[8] than during the five previous decades combined (1820–69: 22,627).[8] The 1870s were followed by the greatest surge of immigration, which occurred between 1880 and 1914 and brought more than 4 million Italians to the United States,[8] the greatest number coming from Southern Italy (namely Campania, Apulia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily), areas which were still largely rural and agricultural, and where much of the populace had been impoverished by centuries of foreign misrule, and an oppressive taxation system imposed after Italian unification in 1861.

    This period of large-scale immigration ended abruptly with the onset of the First World War in 1914 and, except for one year (1922), never fully resumed. Further immigration was greatly limited by several laws Congress passed in the 1920s.

    Following the unification, the unitary Italian state initially encouraged emigration to relieve economic pressures in the South. After the American Civil War, which resulted in over a half million killed or wounded, immigrant workers were recruited from Italy and elsewhere to fill the labor shortage caused by the war. In the United States, most Italians began their new lives as manual laborers in eastern cities, mining camps and farms.

    The descendants of the Italian immigrants gradually rose from a lower economic class in the first generation to a level comparable to the national average by 1970. The Italian community has often been characterized by strong ties to family, the Roman Catholic Church, fraternal organizations, and political parties.

    The Italian Government has permited for the Italian American to obtain Italian citizenship and help develop their homeland here are some benifits of having an italian passport. There are companies that assist in obtaining Italian citizenship like https://www.italiandualcitizenship.net/ They can help you go thru the regulations and tie up with the necessary immigration offices to make the process easy.

    What are the benefits of Italian citizenship?

    To be able to legally work, reside and study in Italy and in the other 28 E.U. countries (U.K.,France, Germany, Holland etc.)

    Unrestricted ability to buy property in Italy and complete all economic transactions

    To be able to transfer the citizenship to all children under 18 years old automatically

    Access to public medical care and low cost, high quality public education

    To have the right to vote for the Italian Parliament representative in your region

    To establish a firm identity with your Italian heritage

    Serving in the military is no longer required of citizens


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