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    2nd Wave of Coronavirus, Virus is slowing in Italy but deaths are still high read more here

    10 reasons you must return to Rome when Coronavirus is over

    Rome is turned upside down by the Coronavirus. The city is coming back to life from the world's longest lockdown, Rome's tourism industry left reeling by the total – and previously unthinkable – absence of tourists.

    As lockeddown is eased, Romans are stepping slowly out into the spring sunshine, greeting their home city like a long-lost friend, relishing with new eyes its faded grandeur, its ruins, fountains and noble palaces.

    Over the last two months, nature has reclaimed the city: the once-thronged piazze are now tinged with green carpets of grass. Museums remain closed, with hopes to reopen in mid-May; restaurants and bars have reopened for take-away, with the hope of opening their doors, under strict conditions, in early June.

    Nobody knows for sure when, or how, the tourist industry will re-begin but Rome will certainly cater to a domestic market before welcoming a return to visitors from abroad, until international travel resumes fully.

    As the capital charts its way through these difficult days ahead, we look at some of the things that make Rome unique, to remind those of you who can't wait to return and tempt those who have yet to be enchanted by a city whose charm is eternal.

    Read more about the 10 reasons tourists will return to Rome after Lockdown

    Italy Relaxes LockDown from 4th May

    The Italian Prime minister has announced how Italy will start to ease down the lock down in the 2nd phase of the coronavirus. He said that from 4th May restrictions on movements will ease down, people can visit their relatives, friends by wearing the masks, he however emphasised that it will still be limited. Parks will reopen however Schools will still remain closed till September.

    Italy was hard hit by the Coronavirus so far 197675 are confirmed cases of Cvid-19 and 26644 people have lost their lives in Italy. The cases of Covid-19 have reduced, Sundy 26th April seen the lowest number of deaths 260 in many weeks.

    We look forward to living again in Italy.

    Must clarify to extra Europe people. Please read carefully:

    1) we do not have bodies on the streets
    2) our churches have not become H
    3) we have had lots of billionaires who gave money for machines to be used in intensive care
    4) we have one of the best healthcare of the world and it is free
    5) we have built in 10 days extra intensive care units in various hospitals in the country especially in the area around Milan which was the most effected from covid19
    6) the first 2 cases were tourists from China and have been brilliantly taken care from the Spallanzani H in Rome; they are now at home and totally recovered.
    7) we are about to end a whole unit of intensive care in a new pavilion of the expo in Milan
    8) we have made a call for 500 doctors and we had 8000 volunteers applying
    9) we have welcomed delegations of experts from China, Cuba and Russia to work close with our specialists.
    10) we are in quarantine but we can go to buy food, to pharmacies, to take out dogs, to have a walk in within 500 mts from house; we have to show docs to declare the reason we go out; we wear masks and gloves and we stay 1 mt from each other.
    11) All H have built marquee for TRIAGE (for buffers to avoid people entering in H)
    12) media are often not reliable but stupid people on stupid social groups are even more unreliable.

    Please deepen your knowledge on covid19 when it comes to Italy and follow the right channels otherwise the next news will be that Italians are cannibals

    Pope Francis on Lockdown

    New : Easter in Sicily 6 days tour

    Some of Our regular Italy tours

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    Discover the colorful culture of Sicily in 8 days. A tour that takes you beyond the time. 2 Nights Palermo, Trabpani, Agrigento, Syracause, Taormina, one night each

    Euro 689.00 Per person double occupancy Book Now

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    We offer several option for tours in Italy

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    1. Summer Shopping in Milan Tour (4 Days)

    Hotels in Venice might be expansive how about Venice Apartments click the link to book an apartment in the water city

    Are you looking for a second nationality and passport, visit for more information.

    Rome can be an overwhelming city for first time visitors. Especially when deciding on where to stay in Rome. This guide breaks down everything by neighbourhood. Making things a little easier.

    If you are an American citizen with Italian ancestry you may be able to apply for dual citizenship USA and Italy. Read an interesting article about life in Italy and benefits of having an Italian passport.

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    Holy Shroud Exhibtion
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